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TX-04 series induction heating equipment
Main specification:
1. Maximum input power: 4KW
2. Oscillation frequency: 100-250KHZ
3. Input voltage: single-phase220V,50or60HZ
4. Cooling water requirements: 0.2Mpa,2L/min
5. duty circle: 80%
6. auto-control function of the timing: heating time, holding time, cooling time: 0.1-9.9s
7. weight: 18KG
8. volume: length46×width20×height44(cm)

 Main characteristics:
with MOSFET power devices and the unique variable flow control technology.
oscillation frequency up to 250KHZ,particularly suitable for small pieces of metal items fast heating.
equipment is simple,lightweight.
easy to operate,a few minutes can learn.
installation is simple,just take electricity and water can be used,without hand installation
automatically controlled adjustable heating, insulating power and time, will help providehigh quality of the repetitive heating and simplify workers to operate.

Especially recommended application:----high frequency welding woodworking blade,cut frass pieces and aluminium cutting wheels.

The advantage than resistance welding gear:
efficient and fast welding gear,each tooth 1-5seconds;
Reproducibility, each tooth has a good repeatability;
Heat quickly and evenly, can effectively prevent local overheating caused by the jagged and brittle fracture,Can also be caused by lack of penetration to prevent tooth out negative phenomena;
Weldable high-performance, high hardness, serrated blade, the blade can not be welded with resistance welding.


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