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TX-15 series induction heating equipment
  Main specification:
Maximum oscillation power: 15KVA
Maximum rated output power: 7KW
Oscillation frequency: 30-100KHZ
Input voltage: single-phase220V,50or60HZ
Cooling water requirements: 0.2Mpa,2~5L/min
duty circle: 80%
TX-15A auto-control function of the timing: heating time, holding time, cooling time: 1-99s
The length of split the main-extension connection: 2meters
Weight and volume:

 Main characteristics:
use imported MOSFET power devices
equipment is the most compact,simplest,lowest price.
easy to operate,a few minutes can learn
installation is simple,just take electricity and water can be used,without hand installation
automatically controlled adjustable heating, insulating power and time, will help providehigh quality of the repetitive heating and simplify workers to operate;
split models are mainly used in the work environment is dirty,high temperature,corrosive and other harsh conditions.






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