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Main specification:
1. Maximum input power: 6KW
2. Input voltage: single-phase220V,50or60HZ
3. Oscillation frequency: 150K-1.1MHZ
4. Cooling water requirements: 0.2Mpa,3L/min
5. duty circle: 100%
6. auto-control function of the timing: heating time, holding time, cooling time: 0.1-99.9s
7. weight and volume

Main characteristics:
1. Frequency up to 0.5-1.1MHZ, can effectively control the quench depth, the heating of small parts, particularly suitable for filament-type parts;
2. Using IGBT power devices and the unique variable flow control technology, equipment reliability, low maintenance costs;
3. 100% duty cycle,in maximum power can get the 24-hour operation.
4. With a constant current / constant power control, efficient heating;
5. output power,frequency,current full display.
6. installation is simple,just take electricity and water can be used,without hand installation
7. small, Space-saving,easy to install and maintain.
8. automatically controlled adjustable heating, insulating power and time, will help provide
high quality of the repetitive heating and simplify workers to operate;


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